Artist Statement

My journey in art is about exploring its principals and elements; specifically line; its depth, form, weight and substance. My goal is to investigate the Principles & Elements of Design by manipulating the simple stroke of a line, the curve of a shape, the depth of a shadow in as many ways possible to begin a path to a new way of seeing.

In my drawings, I use graphite sticks and erasers to investigate line and depth. As with painting, my point is to build up layers, and to treat the graphite as if it is paint. I am riveted with Formalism: I want to examine every aspect of line; and believe that if I can understand how its elements work, that I can create a living, breathing unique work that is all my own.

For my Photography, I explore Formalistic elements by photographing architecture that the viewer is familiar with, yet configuring it in such a way so that you're confused, disoriented, and seduced into a mystery you want to solve.

My Printmaking is also purely an investigation of line. I've found that utilizing varying layers and colors of ink has advanced my exploration. I continue this journey with my Paintings, in which I play with the malleability of the paint to continue my investigation with line and space. With my Works on Paper, I've been able to explore line with not only the paper that I fashion to initially create these images, but also with the photographic processes that I employ to manipulate these pieces further.

With my Sculpture, I investigate and deconstruct the elements not of art, but of vending machines. As with my other art work, my goal is to understand the essential parts of what I'm studying, and "reinvent" it to hopefully create something new.

As I continue on my artistic expedition, I've found that I've become a stronger, more curious artist by pushing myself to make discoveries, failures, and accidents. As a painting teacher once told me: "Look. Really look." I have taken his advice to heart, and aim to continue my journey of enlightenment.